General Information about the SYMBIONT Training System

The SYMBIONT System utilizes Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training (EMS). However, it is primarily a synergy of individual analysis and training, specialized and trained coaches, innovative and exclusive technology, as well as quality and targeted support. 

The effectiveness of Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been known for a long time and has been widely used by physiotherapists since the 1970s for the treatment of specific muscle groups. 

In fact, EMS is a training technique that uses electrical stimuli to simultaneously activate many muscle fibers. The electrodes in contact with the skin emit gentle and small impulses to transmit information to the muscle, causing it to contract simultaneously with the performed exercise. 

The impulses felt through the electrodes are completely safe for the body, as the current used is in the milliampere range. The muscle does not differentiate between an impulse sent from the brain or from the electrode, and that's exactly what we take advantage of! 

In this way, electrical stimulation allows for an enhancement of muscle contraction in the body and therefore its effect. It utilizes voluntary contraction to reach deep-seated muscle fibers without putting stress on the joints. Training through electrostimulation thus enables comprehensive and intensive muscle training.

Simultaneous Stimulation of All Major Muscle Groups 
SYMBIONT allows you to simultaneously stimulate various muscle groups through the suit/electrodes, including deep-seated muscles (pelvic floor, core muscles, etc.). This means that all of them are engaged throughout the entire training session, unlike a traditional fitness workout.  

Your Own SYMBIONT Tec Suit 
The SYMBIONT Tec Suit represents high-tech combined with the latest scientific knowledge in materials, technology, physiology, and medicine. It revolutionizes training. 

Optimal fit and flexibility, fully integrated sensors, and easy-to-maintain, patented dry electrodes ensure easy handling, perfect freedom of movement, and tailored success. The SYMBIONT Tec Suit feels as comfortable as a second skin and can be worn directly on the body. 

The SYMBIONT Tec Suit offers numerous ways to selectively stimulate your muscles, including the ability to differentiate between the muscles on your left and right sides. 

It's your own suit in your size, which can even be customized for a perfect fit. You no longer have to wear someone else's vest, as the training takes place in your own SYMBIONT Tec Suit – making it much more comfortable. 

Stimulation of Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers Without Joint Strain  
Fast-twitch muscle fibers are particularly involved in muscle building (hypertrophy) and the generation of quick power. The advantage of EMS workouts lies in the efficient stimulation of the muscle fibers from the beginning. 

In traditional strength training, fast-twitch muscle fibers are only included towards the end of a set and only at correspondingly high intensities. This places significant stress on joints and ligaments, which does not occur in EMS training due to the absence of heavy loads. Hence, it is often referred to as a "gentle method," even though EMS training has a more profound impact on the muscles and can be very demanding. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation even allows you to train beyond the point of muscle failure. 

SYMBIONT training is suitable for everyone, from elite athletes looking to further enhance their physical fitness to individuals aiming to stay in shape and define their bodies, regardless of age. 

Athletes will experience performance improvements (strength and endurance) while continuing their other sporting activities. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is also suitable for individuals who have not engaged in regular physical activity for an extended period. To get in shape and see a transformation in their bodies, it will require no more than 20 minutes per week. 

We would like to emphasize that there is a list of contraindications to consider when it comes to Electrical Muscle Stimulation training sessions, where the training should not be conducted. Some of the most significant contraindications include pregnancy, tumor diseases, the presence of a pacemaker, and epilepsy. We recommend consulting your doctor beforehand.

SYMBIONT Training can be used as supplementary training for all sports. Many professional athletes from various fields (e.g., soccer, golf, winter sports, track and field) utilize EMS technology and attest to its success. EMS training enhances explosive strength and power-endurance performance.

SYMBIONT Training caters to various goals and needs, including:  

  • Muscle building (Hypertrophy) 

  • Weight loss (Reduction of body fat) 

  • Body tightening 

  • Increased energy and strength 

  • Strengthening of the core and pelvic floor muscles 

  • General well-being

Yes, it’s safe. An impressive number of studies have unequivocally confirmed the effectiveness and complete safety of EMS personal training. Electrical Muscle Stimulation has a decades-long tradition, originating in rehabilitation. 

Since the mid-20th century, it has been used not only by doctors and physiotherapists but also in competitive sports. In the medical field, Electronic Muscle Stimulation helps with back problems and muscular imbalances. In competitive sports, athletes use EMS to increase their muscle strength. 

Electrical stimulation only targets skeletal muscles; it does not affect organ muscles or the heart. Therefore, training with SYMBIONT can be done without any concerns.

In general, it's important to feel physically fit to engage in SYMBIONT training. If you have infections, colds, severe fatigue, or any other physical limitations, it's advisable to avoid training as it could lead to overexertion. 

Hydration is particularly important before training. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day before your training session and have a glass of water before training. Additionally, you should not train on an empty stomach. Having a carbohydrate-rich snack at least 2 hours before training ensures that your body has enough energy for the intense training session. So, please don't train on an empty stomach. 

Shortly after training, we recommend consuming a quickly available source of protein (such as a protein shake) along with carbohydrates, in addition to a glass of water. This initiates optimal recovery and promotes muscle growth. 

EMS training can be best described as an intense vibration that affects all your muscles for several seconds, depending on the program used. It should be intense and noticeable but should not cause pain. The training can be strenuous due to the many muscle contractions.

It depends on your fitness goals, but in general, yes, it can be very demanding and sweat-inducing. However, don't worry, our personal trainers are there to help you push your limits and get the most out of your workout, but they won't push you beyond your capabilities. Ultimately, it's up to you to determine your own limits.

Most likely, yes! Muscle soreness is a possible indicator of intense strength training. The intensity of the session stimulates the muscle fibers to undergo structural changes, with the goal of building strength. Especially after an EMS session, this effect can be very intense on the day after training. The combination of professional guidance, the motivation to train to the last possible repetition, and the deep muscle-stimulating impulses make EMS the efficiency champion among all fitness workouts.

Working with a qualified personal trainer makes training much more effective because they select intense exercises tailored to the individuals and to motivate them to achieve their best. Additionally, they ensure the correct execution of various exercises and provide corrections if something is not performed correctly. This not only makes the training intense and effective but also promotes health and minimizes any potential mistakes.

No, SYMBIONT training can be performed by individuals of almost all ages and fitness levels. Since the training is always individually controlled and adjusted, we can adapt to any circumstances and preferences. Sometimes, having little training experience can even be an advantage because it allows for a joint-friendly entry into training, with the added benefit of receiving particularly intensive supervision from a personal trainer.

To address the aspects of coordination skills and improved body awareness (proprioception), we have incorporated a wide variety of strength and cardio exercises from the field of functional training into our program. This means that many of the exercises simulate everyday movements to specifically train intermuscular coordination and body awareness. This is the only way to achieve a comprehensive and effective EMS workout.

Success with the SYMBIONT Training System

Most people feel a difference after just a few training sessions, especially in terms of improved posture. Visible changes typically occur after a few weeks of training, which varies from person to person. It's crucial to train regularly, once or twice a week, and make dietary changes when aiming for weight loss. 

The sequence is as follows: first, you'll feel the results. Then you'll start to see them. Finally, others will notice the changes in your body. EMS training at SYMBIONT guarantees a before-and-after effect!

Yes, you can. Muscle building is a central component of the SYMBIONT Training System. 

Effective muscle building requires intensive training and adequate rest between training sessions. Because SYMBIONT training is so intense, special emphasis should be placed on recovery. Muscles are not built during training but afterwards.  

A suitable diet is, of course, very important and supports muscle growth!

Yes, you can. Already by the significantly increased calorie expenditure in each training session, fat reduction is achieved. And then even some more during recovery. 

However, you should know that you need to have patience for at least 4-6 weeks (depending on individual body composition/genetics) because the electrical muscle stimulation initially builds muscle mass - and muscle tissue is heavier than fat tissue. 

At first, you'll experience only a modest reduction in weight. However, what the scale says is not crucial; it's what's actually happening in your body. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate, the more calories you burn, and the easier it is to regulate body weight and shape your figure. 

With the increased basal metabolic rate, you burn calories around the clock, even during rest periods. This brings you closer to the concept of "losing weight while sleeping." If you also optimize your diet in parallel, you will definitely lose a significant amount of weight with EMS training. 

Just 500g more muscle mass consumes over 50 kcal more energy in a day at rest than the same amount of fat. Preserving muscle mass is therefore crucial when it comes to weight loss and leads to a noticeable and visible restructuring of the body, which is also worthwhile in the long term.


In general, at least 50 percent of training success depends on proper nutrition, as a balanced diet is fundamental for physical fitness and health. Therefore, it is worthwhile to choose the right nutrition in addition to appropriate training.

Health and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

In general, every healthy person who can also engage in sports ("sport-healthy") can use EMS training. However, there are some exceptions: 

If you experience discomfort during physical exertion, you should consult your physician before starting EMS training. 

When considering Electrical Muscle Stimulation, it's important to adhere to the list of contraindications, which specifies cases where training sessions should not be conducted or should only be carried out following medical evaluation. 

During your first EMS training session, you will undergo a comprehensive health assessment where questions about your health will be asked to ensure that no contraindications are present. 

EMS training should not be performed, for example, if you have a pacemaker, a neurological disorder, a cardiovascular condition, cancer, a tumor-related illness, or tuberculosis. 

If you have a cold or a bacterial infection, it's advisable to take a break from EMS training, as is the case with any other form of exercise. 

If you are pregnant, it's best to wait until several weeks after giving birth before starting EMS training.  

In case of doubt, we recommend discussing it with your doctor beforehand.

EMS training is essentially an external amplifier of the body's natural principle of stimulating muscles through bioelectrical impulses. At SYMBIONT Training, we work with so-called low and medium frequencies that are not harmful to the heart and organs. Therefore, if you are healthy, do not have cardiovascular disease, and do not wear a pacemaker, EMS training is not dangerous for your heart. The EMS impulse does not reach the heart or the organs.

Yes! Strong muscles are crucial for a healthy back. Back pain often arises from a weak core musculature or muscular imbalances. With SYMBIONT Training, we efficiently build up the entire core musculature, including deep stabilizing muscles, without unnecessarily straining the back. Our qualified personal trainers will guide you through functional core exercises. As a result, EMS training reduces back pain or even makes it disappear completely. Additionally, it helps alleviate tension and improves posture.

Yes. Creatine kinase (CK) is an enzyme found in particularly high concentrations in muscle fibers. It plays an important role as a catalyst in the transfer of high-energy phosphates to form creatine and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the energy production of muscle cells. After an intense workout (such as EMS), the CK level increases significantly and then returns to baseline after several days of rest. Depending on your metabolic type, it can sometimes increase significantly. 

In any case, it's important to keep your body well-hydrated, meaning you should drink enough water before and after training. 

During muscle exertion, enzymes (e.g., creatine kinase) and proteins (e.g., myoglobin) are released. With intense muscle strain or breakdown, this release can be so significant that it damages internal organs, such as the kidneys. This risk is particularly high during initial training sessions; however, with regular exercise, the release of these substances decreases markedly. To prevent muscle and health damage, please follow these guidelines:  

If you happen to have a blood test immediately after an EMS training session, please inform the examining doctor about your training so that they can interpret the elevated CK blood level correctly. 

Experts agree that EMS training is meaningful and safe when done in moderation (maximum two times per week) and with adequate fluid intake.

Women and SYMBIONT

No. Pregnancy is strictly considered a "relative" contraindication. In this context, "relative" means that special precautions apply to training, and it may not be readily applied in all regions. 

So far, there is no evidence that EMS training in the first weeks, when pregnancy may not yet be known, could have a negative impact on the course of pregnancy. In fact, based on initial experiences, it's entirely possible that strengthening the pelvic floor and deep muscles could make pregnancy more comfortable. However, only the attending doctor can decide in case of doubt, considering all circumstances. 

For safety reasons, SYMBIONT follows the following position: We advise against EMS training (strength and cardio) after pregnancy is confirmed or in cases of suspected pregnancy.

Yes. Pregnancy and childbirth put a significant strain on the pelvic floor. Electrical Muscle Stimulation can effectively train the pelvic floor and weakened abdominal muscles. Additionally, the training has a positive impact on connective tissue, body fat and muscle composition, and overall well-being. Please note that you should wait several weeks after a natural birth before starting SYMBIONT training. After a C-section, it's advisable to wait for 3-6 months. We recommend consulting your doctor beforehand.

Yes, you certainly can! EMS training is considered one of the most effective methods for training the pelvic floor because it allows for targeted training of all the muscles involved in the pelvic floor. Many people, primarily women over the age of 40 and especially after pregnancies, struggle with a weak pelvic floor, which can lead to urinary incontinence. After childbirth, the abdominal wall and pelvic floor are often stretched, and excess fat deposits can accumulate around the abdomen and hips. Often, the supporting muscles, such as the deep back and abdominal muscles, are also affected. 

Urinary incontinence is a widespread condition that affects many people, especially women. It can be caused by factors such as weakened connective tissues, extreme physical exertion, and obesity, which can lead to pelvic organ prolapse. Aging and stress can also contribute to incontinence. In addition to reducing quality of life, it can lead to depression, social isolation, or a restricted sex life. 

The SYMBIONT training system utilizes low- and medium-frequency electrical impulses that can train almost all muscle groups in the body, including the deep stabilizing muscles, simultaneously. The electrical impulses enhance voluntary muscle contractions, leading to intensive muscle training in a short period of time. Scientific studies have shown that EMS training can significantly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Effective full-body EMS training can alleviate the symptoms of those affected and improve body awareness.

For breastfeeding mothers, we recommend breastfeeding BEFORE the training. This is just as a precaution, as there are no real reasons for this recommendation. Studies have not shown any changes in milk composition. This contradicts some claims suggesting a slight acidification of the muscles during training, referred to as "acidic" milk, might occur. However, no confirmation of these claims has been found so far. 

Extreme weight reduction through dieting should also be avoided by breastfeeding mothers, as it may have unfavorable effects on the child's development and nutrition. The causes and relationships in this regard are not yet fully understood. The timing and extent to which abdominal and chest electrodes can be used again are individually variable and should be discussed with the attending physician.

No, physiologically, women cannot develop muscles like male bodybuilders because their natural testosterone levels are significantly lower than those of men. Even the most intense EMS training will not lead to extreme growth in arm and leg muscles for women. With EMS training, women can build a solid and strong musculature while reducing body fat. This allows women to achieve an attractive, naturally beautiful figure and transform their trouble zones into showcase areas.

Yes, this is often confirmed by our female clients. Electrical Muscle Stimulation simultaneously and more intensively activates almost all muscles in the body. The result is a reduction in body fat, muscle building, firming of the connective tissue, activation of metabolism, and an overall increase in performance. All of these factors contribute to an improved skin texture and a reduction in cellulite.

There are different types of breast implants, varying in shapes and contents. Silicone implants are perhaps the most common. In modern implants, changes in connective tissue, such as capsule fibrosis or leakage or displacement of the silicone filling, are now relatively rare. In such cases, it's important to consult with a doctor. 

Generally, there is a recovery period of up to 8 weeks after surgery, but this can vary individually and may be longer. Therefore, it's essential to wait for medical clearance before starting SYMBIONT training. However, you can often start training relatively quickly, while excluding the breast electrode pads. Depending on the location of the scar, some areas may also need to be avoided. 

During the initial phase, intense arm exercises may not be possible. Some exercises may only be feasible without arm involvement. Our personal trainers usually focus on the core and lower extremities during exercise selection. The exercise plan will depend on individual healing progress. Therefore, commence SYMBIONT training only after receiving clearance from your treating doctor!

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