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Neues aus der SYMBIONT Welt

Erfahre alle Neuigkeiten rund um den SYMBIONT: Entdecke Beiträge, die dir mehr über das Unique Body Concept erzählen und dir Wissenswertes über Gesundheit, Sport und Fitness vermitteln.


  • 👭Fitness is more fun with a workout buddy
    Tag your workout buddy 👇

  • 📈 Track. Train. Transform - measurements proof personal development

  • 📈The SYMBIONT improves intra- and intermuscular coordination and increases physical performance by systematically training all aspects of strength

  • 🙏Body awareness - essential for any effective workout
    🤔What is part of your daily routine?
    ✔️Hard work pays off!

  • 📲Start the digital training with the CURDTI app!
    ⌚️Anytime and anywhere - intuitive to use, individually tailored and always up-to-date

  • 💁✔️Training with the SYMBIONT is individually tailored to your needs and training goals

  • 📊 SYMBIONT measures numerous body functions, which allows more effective workouts

  • @fitness.connected was a full success!
    It was a pleasure meeting some of you and explain our vision of the Smart Body Concept 🦾

  • 😌🍃The SYMBIONT contributes to the improvement of general well-being and rehabilitation

    📈It is the perfect companion to continuously maintain and promote your health

    🗓Every year on November 16th, the International Day for Tolerance generates awareness of the dangers of intolerance

  • ✔️With the SYMBIONT you will reach a new physical level ➡️ It activates the muscles and increases strength, endurance and health

  • 👥Society has a need for maximum effective workouts

    🔝The SYMBIONT can meet this need by combining data-based training with EMS to open up a new dimension in personalized training

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