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EMS, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, utilizes low-frequency impulses to effectively activate your muscles and make them work. Combined with your own movement, it enhances the training effect and promotes muscle growth. In just 20 minutes, you efficiently train nearly all of your muscle groups.


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During EMS training, you perform various static or dynamic exercises while wearing a functional suit with electrodes. Through these electrodes, safe electrical impulses flow, which stimulate all muscle groups in the body simultaneously and make the exercises much more intense than regular training. 
In essence, EMS acts as an amplifier. In everyday life, every movement we make stimulates a motor nerve through bioelectrical impulses from the brain, giving the muscles the "command" to contract. This muscle contraction then allows us to do things like running or shaking someone's hand. During a 20-minute EMS training session, our training device triggers these electrical impulses in addition to your brain. The muscle itself cannot distinguish whether this contraction command comes from the brain or elsewhere. Therefore, EMS is essentially a turbocharger of your body's own principle.

Yes, it’s safe. An impressive number of studies have unequivocally confirmed the effectiveness and complete safety of EMS personal training. Electrical Muscle Stimulation has a decades-long tradition, originating in rehabilitation. 

Since the mid-20th century, it has been used not only by doctors and physiotherapists but also in competitive sports. In the medical field, Electronic Muscle Stimulation helps with back problems and muscular imbalances. In competitive sports, athletes use EMS to increase their muscle strength. 

Electrical stimulation only targets skeletal muscles; it does not affect organ muscles or the heart. Therefore, training with SYMBIONT can be done without any concerns.

With EMS training, you can achieve a variety of goals. Primarily, it supports targeted muscle building. In parallel, it helps with toning and reducing cellulite. Additionally, it contributes to weight and circumference, and fat reduction. It alleviates joint and back pain and can be used as a rehabilitation measure after surgeries and injuries. Pelvic floor strength is also effectively increased. For athletes, it offers an effective way to optimize overall strength and performance.

Yes, it is possible to pay at the studio with a debit or credit card.

A regular training session at SYMBIONT lasts only 20 minutes. However, for the trial training, we ask to allocate a full hour for the entire introduction.


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