Smart Training System

The New EMS Standard 

The innovative SYMBIONT design is based on the latest scientific findings in materials, technology, physiology, and medicine. EMS controls muscle movement through electrical impulses. With SYMBIONT we activate and control these movements in real-time, hereby enabling tailored stimulation training and ensuring targeted progress. Whether you aim for athletic excellence, want to recover from an injury, or simply aim to stay healthy, SYMBIONT offers flexible, efficient training solutions for every goal. 


TRACK. Bioelectrical Full-Body Measurement

In the first step, objective data such as heart rate, muscle activity, body composition, and movement execution, as well as subjective sensations, are measured directly during the training session. These physiological performance parameters are measured, analyzed, and presented in real-time in the app. The data forms the basis for training programs tailored to the body's current performance level and readiness, ensuring optimal alignment with daily capabilities.

Measurement data:

  • Comprehensive body analysis: 24 measurement points distributed across all major muscle groups
  • Body composition
  • Muscle activity
  • Movement analysis using acceleration sensors
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability

TRAIN. Bioelectrical Whole Body Stimulation

In the second step, the All-In-One wearable stimulates all major muscle groups through 24 electrodes, finely dosed. This stimulation optimizes the desired direction set by the trainee or their trainer/caretaker. Thus, the efficiency of the training and the intensity of the individual's bodily experience are perfected. Success becomes measurable and replicable.

  • Program recommendation based on current training data and body analysis
  • 7 medically validated basic stimulation programs
  • Low- and modulated-medium frequency 24 dry electrodes
  • Personal supervision by a therapist or trainer
  • Completely mobile deployment options
  • Usable indoors and outdoors
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TRANSFORM. Motivation and targeted development

Through subsequent documentation of the results, targeted control of the training and the path to goal achievement is possible at any time. This approach is applicable in rehabilitation, prevention, and training processes at all ages and performance levels. As a medical device, SYMBIONT meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Your benefits:

  • Motivation through documented success
  • Continuous adaptation
  • Alignment of subjective perception and measurement of relevant training parameters (autosensitive training)
  • Enhanced understanding of physiological processes



The SYMBIONT Tec Suit is made from specially developed, antibacterial high-tech fibers and materials. It guarantees an optimal fit and high freedom of movement.


The SYMBIONT Tec Suit feels as comfortable as a second skin, and can be worn directly against the body. Of course, however, it can also be used wearing specialized underwear.


The substantial light architecture underscores the futuristic, high-tech look of the SYMBIONT. Its unique shape and low weight make it the perfect mobile training partner.


The wireless SYMBIONT Tec Suit, with fully integrated sensors and dry electrodes, provides maximum comfort and ensures a comfortable training experience.


The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device measures numerous body functions, from muscular activity to heart rate variability, pulse, and body composition.


The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device is securely fixed to the upper back, and offers a wide range of applications with optimal freedom of movement and performance.


The SYMBIONT Tec Suit offers a perfect fit, freedom of movement, and durability. Like a second skin, it combines state-of-the-art EMS technology with the highest comfort. Equipped with 24 dry electrodes and biosensors, it sets the standard for EMS suits. It meets the highest medical standards, is machine washable, and allows direct control with the SYMBIONT Controller. Thus, it provides the perfect foundation for effective and hygienic EMS training results.

Produktbild des Tec Suit, dem High-Tech EMS Anzug von SYMBIONT.

Analyze your training

The SYMBIONT Smart Training System revolutionizes EMS training by integrating body analysis and bio-electric stimulation. During each session, it accurately records data such as heart rate, muscle activity, and body composition to customize your training program individually.

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