Why EMS training at SYMBIONT promotes performance enhancement 

Unlock your full potential with EMS training at SYMBIONT:

Sicheres EMS-Training


Increase your strength and endurance in less time compared to traditional training.

EMS Personal Training in der Schweiz


Each EMS training with SYMBIONT session is tailored to your specific performance goals.

EMS-Training mit Resultaten


Our focus is on the targeted improvement of your physical abilities and fast results.

Success Stories of Our Customers

Muskelaufbau mit Elektrostimulation


"Since starting the EMS training with SYMBIONT, I've improved my running times!" – Jan, 34

EMS für Beckenbodentraining


"My endurance and strength have reached a whole new level since training at SYMBIONT." – Laura, 32

Sixpack mit EMS-Training


"As an athlete, the EMS training with SYMBIONT helps me push my performance limits." – Sarah, 36

Your personalized performance plan

At SYMBIONT, we understand that performance is individual. That's why we offer you:

Sicheres EMS-Training


We assess your abilities and set realistic goals.

EMS Personal Training für alle


Your plan will be specifically tailored to your personal performance goals.

Schweizer EMS-Leader


Our experienced trainers accompany you on your journey to the top.

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SYMBIONT training is suitable for everyone, from elite athletes looking to further enhance their physical fitness to individuals aiming to stay in shape and define their bodies, regardless of age. 

Athletes will experience performance improvements (strength and endurance) while continuing their other sporting activities. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is also suitable for individuals who have not engaged in regular physical activity for an extended period. To get in shape and see a transformation in their bodies, it will require no more than 20 minutes per week. 

We would like to emphasize that there is a list of contraindications to consider when it comes to Electrical Muscle Stimulation training sessions, where the training should not be conducted. Some of the most significant contraindications include pregnancy, tumor diseases, the presence of a pacemaker, and epilepsy. We recommend consulting your doctor beforehand.

SYMBIONT Training can be used as supplementary training for all sports. Many professional athletes from various fields (e.g., soccer, golf, winter sports, track and field) utilize EMS technology and attest to its success. EMS training enhances explosive strength and power-endurance performance.

Yes, it’s safe. An impressive number of studies have unequivocally confirmed the effectiveness and complete safety of EMS personal training. Electrical Muscle Stimulation has a decades-long tradition, originating in rehabilitation. 

Since the mid-20th century, it has been used not only by doctors and physiotherapists but also in competitive sports. In the medical field, Electronic Muscle Stimulation helps with back problems and muscular imbalances. In competitive sports, athletes use EMS to increase their muscle strength. 

Electrical stimulation only targets skeletal muscles; it does not affect organ muscles or the heart. Therefore, training with SYMBIONT can be done without any concerns.

Working with a qualified personal trainer makes training much more effective because they select intense exercises tailored to the individuals and to motivate them to achieve their best. Additionally, they ensure the correct execution of various exercises and provide corrections if something is not performed correctly. This not only makes the training intense and effective but also promotes health and minimizes any potential mistakes.

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