The world's greatest bio-electrical workout

Leipzig, May 21, 2022. The bio-electric Total Body Workout continues to be extremely popular. With the introduction of new, smart technologies, it is now also possible to record important body data before and during the workout in order to train even more effectively and healthily - even outdoors. The world market leader in BODYSTREET has already converted a large part of its 300 studios to this new technology from SYMBIONT. In order to express these advantages of this new technology, about 400 people will now carry out a bio-electrical training at the same time, and this of course outdoors and wirelessly.
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BODYSTREET and SYMBIONT host the world's largest bio-electric workout. Two inspiring brands join forces to achieve this world record


On Saturday, May 21, 2022, franchisees, employees and cooperation partners will gather as part of the BODYSTREET Brand Festival. Against the background of the evening skyline of Ferropolis - City of Iron - the BODYSTREET team will lead a 20-minute bio-electrical training session.

About 400 participants are expected. The total body workout supported by bio-electrical stimulation corresponds roughly to a workout in a BODYSTREET studio. However, here in the open field in front of the stage, at the same time with 400 like-minded people. As the world market leader in the field of EMS studios,
BODYSTREET is able to provide its customers with an unbeatable experience and information about their body with the help of the SYMBIONT Smart Body Concept.


Matthias Lehner, Founder & CEO BODYSTREET

For Matthias Lehner, founder and CEO of BODYSTREET, the world's leading provider of EMS studios, this "e-volution" is actually a revolution: "With its smart, highly flexible application options, SYMBIONT defines a completely new standard in bio-electric full-body training and stands for a holistic health and performance concept.


Dr. Roger Pierenkemper, CEO Schwa-Medico GmbH (SYMBIONT)

"This event is an invitation to the whole world to get to know this new technology and training" Bioelectrical impulses are our body's natural radio signals. They control every muscle activity and every movement.