Fleet change: BODYSTREET and 25MINUTES rely on SYMBIONT

Cologne/Ehringshausen. A bang at the start of FIBO for EMS market leader BODYSTREET and 25MINUTES: almost 400 clubs of the two franchise chains will be equipped with the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device. SYMBIONT, developed by the German medical technology manufacturer schwa-medico, has thus made a remarkable start in the fitness eco-system.

For Emma Lehner, Founder and CEO of BODYSTREET, the world's leading provider of EMS clubs, this "E-volution" is in fact a revolution: "SYMBIONT, with its smart, highly flexible application possibilities, defines a completely new standard in bio-electric whole-body training and enables us to create a holistic health and performance concept based on the basic bio-logical structure and functionality of the human being.

As a sports physiotherapist, I can confirm that electrical signals are the basis of many physical functions and thus fundamental to the control of human movement. Bio-Electrical-Training uses these natural processes of the human muscular system. Low- and medium-frequency currents as well as various finely tuned mixed forms are applied. They are perfectly administered via 24 electrodes."

This holistic approach, combined with the technologically sophisticated precision of the SYMBIONT, is simply fascinating to her husband Matthias H. Lehner and the entire BODYSTREET team: "It's like having a rendezvous with your own body", says Lehner, "this results in incredible perspectives for our independent franchise entrepreneurs". The BODYSTREET brand is now the global leader in boutique EMS clubs with more than 300 clubs on three continents.

Smart intelligence, Made in Germany, honoured with the FIBO Innovation Award. 

In fact, the SYMBIONT system is full of smart intelligence: made of functional high-tech textiles, certified as a medical device, with valid data tracking, in short: "Made in Germany" at its best. At the last FIBO, SYMBIONT won the FIBO Innovation Award for "Best and most innovative novelty in the field of health and prevention".
Now SYMBIONT is going live in the clubs. 

To make the "rendezvous" possible, in the first step ("Track") physiological performance parameters are measured, analysed and evaluated in an app using real-time measurement of objective data such as heart rate, muscle activity, body composition and movement execution, as well as the classification of subjective perception. The data forms the basis for training parameters that correspond to the daily performance level and the body's readiness to perform. In the second step ("Train"), the all-in-one wearable stimulates all important muscle areas in a finely dosed manner via 24 electrodes. The stimulation optimises the target direction desired by the user or his/her trainer/supervisor. In this way, the efficiency of the training and the intensity of one's own body experience are perfected. Success becomes measurable and replicable. Through the subsequent documentation of the results, targeted control of the training and the path to goal achievement is possible at any time ("Transform"). This approach is used in rehabilitation, prevention and in training processes at all age and performance levels. As a certified medical product, SYMBIONT meets the highest standards of quality and safety.


Health DNA: Bio-electrical enables integration of different eco-systems  

"With the SYMBIONT, we bring our medical technology DNA and expertise, developed over more than 40 years, to the fitness and health eco-system. Bio-electrical impulses are the natural radio signals of our body. They control every muscle activity and every movement. With the SYMBIONT, we have succeeded in developing an interface for these neuronal processes and in bringing together central human needs such as "health", "sportivity", "mobility" and "connectivity" in a smart device," says Dr. Roger Pierenkemper, CEO of the SYMBIONT. Roger Pierenkemper, the CEO and managing partner of schwa-medico GmbH: "The fact that with BODYSTREET and 25MINUTES, almost at the same time, the two quality leaders have opted for a "fleet change" and thus the bio-electric idea, is a confirmation of this forward-looking approach."

Free your mind: Smart training in a new dimension

A system that also convinces Carsten Pachnicke, CEO of 25MINUTES. Two things are of particular importance to him: "One is the data tracking on a medical level, which is absolutely unique in this form in the training sector. It picks up the trainees at their current, individual performance level and provides them as well as the trainers with information that enables the best possible training design. We have summarised this under the claim "A training as unique as you are". The SYMBIONT enables each individual in his or her uniqueness to train in the best possible way. The other thing is that the SYMBIONT is smart and mobile as an "all-in-one" wearable. This enables completely new areas of application and business models that were previously neither imaginable nor implementable: whether in the club, outdoors or in the future at home. The SYMBIONT thus unites the different dimensions of the "sportivity" concept holistically in one device.  This opens up exciting perspectives for innovative services in the future. The focus is always on the symbiosis of people in their uniqueness and the most innovative technology made in Germany.