Our Vision


SYMBIONT – The world’s first “Smart Body Concept”

schwa-medico has been active on the market for over 45 years; we understand the field of digital health like no other company. We aim to revolutionize the industry with our brands and products, and we pursue an ambitious goal: to support each individual as they strive towards better quality of life and better performance – creating an all new dimension of support, service, guidance, and results. For a long and happy life. That’s what we want to achieve with the SYMBIONT.

The areas of health, fitness and IT have to work hand in hand to achieve measurable success. Our vision was to create a validated, reliable medical device to integrate this symbiosis to meet any treatment or fitness-related need. We achieved that vision by creating the world’s first Smart Body Concept – the SYMBIONT.

Dr. Roger Pierenkemper

Managing Director of schwa-medico GmbH

Smart Health

Digital Health Revolution

Digital health encompasses the digital and genetic revolution sweeping the healthcare sector and individual health. This interdisciplinary field, which primarily includes healthcare, IT and communication technology, includes medical care, health technologies, and medicine as well. The right hardware, software and networks are essential. The goal is to use new technological possibilities to create a comprehensive health management system.

Like physicians and hospitals, “Digital health” and “Smart health” systems are also responsible for transmitting health data of private individuals. This data can then be used for healthcare-related purposes, or to improve athletic performance. SYMBIONT offers many ways to do so, with an EMS device combining an EMS suit and app.



Our company


Your partner for human medicine


For over 45 years, at schwa-medico we have served as a professional, high-performing and service-oriented partner for human medicine.

We stand for innovations such as:

  • TENS devices and self-adhesive electrodes
  • Laser therapy, for both CW lasers and pulse lasers
  • Acupuncture needles and accessories
  • The SYMBIONT innovation: Full-body EMS fitness devices
  • Ultrasound therapy devices


Our Values


Passion for progress

Our scientists and engineers contribute their extensive experience, their expertise and their passion to the development of products that become pioneering innovations. The SYMBIONT is one such innovation – the epitome of intensive research and “Made in Germany” quality.

Thanks to its highly customizable and scalable design, as well as countless integration options, the SYMBIONT is the answer to the current and future demands of the health and fitness market. It is the realization of our vision: to develop products for the good of all, to promote personal growth and facilitate limitless flexibility. The SYMBIONT is the full reflection of every facet of our corporate values.


  • People are our focus. 

    Everyone wants to stand on their own two feet, and we all crave responsibility, freedom, and individuality – however, we also use our experience and external guides to design efficient, healthy, and safe workouts. At schwa-medico, we keep both of these aspects in mind as we make people the focus of everything we do. 

  • We create new paths by walking on them.

    Discover new worlds, and break through mental barriers. That’s how we develop innovative products in the medical, health and fitness fields.

    We always follow the same approach: Change takes courage, courage takes trust, and trust builds the future.

  • Inspiration is innovation.

    Our message is designed for everyone who believes quality of life, health and personal responsibility are the foundation of a happy and fulfilled life. Our products offer support and inspiration to achieve new heights in your physical and mental development.


  • With heart and soul.

    Everything we do, we do not only with passion, but also with pure conviction – as we have for over 45 years.


    We have built on this foundation to develop the innovative SYMBIONT as a full-body EMS fitness device, with a variety of functions and potential applications.

  • Long-term happiness.

    We pursue the ambitious goal of supporting each individual as they strive for a better quality of life and better performance. In doing so, we create an all- new dimension of support, service, guidance, and quality results. For a long and happy life.

Our history


The story behind the SYMBIONT

Human medicine for over 45 years

Our company, schwa-medico, is a key player in the innovative medical technology field today. Read on to discover how the story of the Digital Health Concept began, resulting in the creation of multiple revolutionary products and brands, and the development of the first SYMBIONT Smart Body Device.

After our founding in 1975, we initially specialized in the sale of acupuncture needles and accessories. Over the years, we consistently expanded our product portfolio, launching the first TENS device under our own name on the market in the late 1970s, the TNS SM 1.

Expansion of our market position

The next step on our company's successful path was to open regional offices and service centers throughout Germany, as well as branches elsewhere in Europe and in Asia in the late 1980s. This allowed us to create an extensive coverage area for the supply and treatment of pain patients with electrotherapy devices.

In the decades that followed, we continued to actively expand our market position, playing a key role in shaping the profile of pain therapy. During that time, we supported countless patients on their journey to a healthy, pain-free life. Our company's focus remained on gentle therapies.

Our milestones in digital health
Gründung der schwa-medico GmbH

Bernd J. Kreutner gründete schwa-medico GmbH  in Binzen (Baden-Württemberg)!


Firmensitzverlegung nach Frankfurt/Main - Fokussierung auf das Akupunkturgeschäft

Patent- und Gebrauchsmusteranmeldung

"Vorrichtung zur Handhabung steriler Akupunkturnadeln für medizinische Zwecke"

Entwicklung des Mietmodells

Entwicklung des Mietmodells für TENS-Geräte mit Erstattung durch die Krankenkasse gemeinsam mit den Krankenkassen


Markteinführung des ersten selbst entwickelten TENS-Gerätes TNS SM 1 AKS

Aufbau der Industrietechnik-Sparte

Erfolgreicher Ausbau des Geschäftsbereichs Industrietechnik durch Übernahme der Laubacher Trafobau und Elektrovertrieb GmbH aus Laubach.



"Akupunkturnadel mit Oberflächenstruktur".

Neuer Geschäftsführer

Dr. Roger Pierenkemper tritt als General Manager in die Geschäftsleitung ein

Übernahme der Manfred Schmelzer GmbH

Division Transformatoren und Industrieprodukte

Übername von neurotech

Übernahme des größten Wettbewerbers im TENS-Bereich und Fortführung der Marke Neurotech

Ausbau der schwa-medico Gruppe

SCHNEEFUSS+ROHDE und Tech Power Electronics schließen sich schwa-medico an (Geschäftsbereich Transformatoren und Industrieprodukte)


Bündelung von Industriepartnern unter dem Markennamen TechPower-Electronics

FDA-Zulassung USA

FDA-Zulassung für das therapeutische Rückensystem

Einführung SYMBIONT

Einführung des ersten "Smart Body Device", des SYMBIONT, auf dem Medizin- und Fitnessmarkt

Our brands and products

Part of the Smart Health and Digital Health revolution, right from the start

Digital health, or the digitization of the healthcare sector, is creating more efficient, more customizable, and more scalable possibilities for improving, supporting, and networking human health. Key building blocks of the sector include networks and software, as well as high-performing hardware. We have revolutionized all of these areas, thanks to our persistent innovations in the field.

We have been involved in the sector from its conception, developing a strategy and taking on new challenges, successfully establishing our product portfolio for human health and the Digital and Smart Health field.

Digital Health and more: Our brands and products

For over 45 years, we have consistently served the healthcare market with new innovations, valuable equipment and a wide range of products and solutions – from pain therapy and EMS training systems to air purifiers. Discover the highlights from our product portfolio.


AernoviR – Clean and healthy air in indoor spaces

With our high-performance air purifier for schools, offices, restaurants, fitness studios and many other applications, viruses don’t stand a chance.

Innovative plasma technology prevents viruses, bacteria and germs from spreading through the air. The system also disrupts the primary transmission pathway for SARS-CoV-2. A true, first -class digital health product that is “Made in Germany”.


TENStem eco basic – Modern, intensive pain therapy

Tense muscles, chronic pain, and poor circulation? The TENStem eco basic offers a variety of programs for intensive pain therapy, specifically for muscle relaxation and promoting good circulation.

This can also be used to treat side effects of long-term pain, such as cramped muscles resulting from maintaining a less painful posture. The TENStem eco basic can be used in many different applications, and stands out for its affordable price.


StimaWELL – Medically tested EMS equipment

Whether at home or on the go – with your own StimaWELL EMS device and stimulation suit, you can work out where and when you want.

The flexible and effective EMS program never closes its doors and requires no travel time – and you never have to deal with overcrowded workout courses or no free equipment. That leaves you more time for you, and everything that is important to you.


SYMBIONT – The first Smart Body Concept

The SYMBIONT is your digital health companion in any discipline, for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Achieve your personal best thanks to a unique combination and interfaces including stimulation, real-time measurements, analysis and coaching. Attain the highest success in any modern health and fitness training application, for ideal health data management.


backup – effective EMS training for the back

The backup back training program helps you achieve a healthy and strong back. It analyzes your back, suggesting specific pain-reduction, muscle-strengthening and/or relaxation program series.

The innovative, scientifically developed system is supported by accompanying measures from certified back experts.

Contact & service

We’re looking forward to hearing from you

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of our “Unique Smart Body Concept,” and are you interested in the possibilities the SYMBIONT delivers? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to advise you, and we are looking forward to knowing you better.