Partner business model

The SYMBIONT Business Model

SYMBIONT is an innovation that really deserves this designation. It offers a unique combination of stimulation, measurement, data use, care and flexibility of use. It represents a basis for new business models and application profiles, all the way to building a personal health and performance eco system.


Live pulsing via the CURDTI app to the customer, who could be anywhere in the world (with a WLAN connection).Access training data, evaluations, optimisation potential and workout suggestions anytime and anywhere. The CURDTI app is the SYMBIONT control tool: intuitive to use, individually tailored and always up-to-date. The safety of a medical device goes beyond training:

personal performance parameters and training data are protected to the highest standards and are always available to the user and their authorised network. In this way, individual development can be optimally documented and controlled. 

Made in Germany

SYMBIONT stands for "Made in Germany" quality. It is the result of intensive research and development by schwa-medico. Since 1975, the company has been a partner in human medicine and innovation in health care and personal performance.

Medically tested system

The highest quality standard in the world. Prepared for all NiSV requirements, Medical Devices Act IEC 62304 developed and meets the requirements of the GDPR.

Optimal hygiene conditions

Hygiene has always been of great importance - and not just since the Coronavirus pandemic. This can prevent the multiplication and spread of dangerous germs and viruses. Optimised training process thanks to each client's own SYMBIONT Tec Suit:

  • made with high-tech, anti-bacterial materials
  • is worn directly on the body
  • Suitable for washing machine
  • each client rents their own SYMBIONT Tec Suit through the studio partner and is also personally responsible for it.
  • the studio partner receives 6x SYMBIONT Tec Suits for each of the first two SYMBIONT orders without charge for trial trainings.

Increased competence and revenue through regular measurements

  • measurement ot water, muscle and fat percentage of the body
  • heart rate variability measurement
  • muscle activity measurement

Rent instead of buy

  • Low investment
  • No product risk even after the warranty period
  • No capital commitment through purchase
  • The latest technology is always available
  • No financing costs, and high flexibility with short terms
  • No loss of value, still fully deductible
Track. Train. Transform.

01 track

Bioelectrical whole body measurement

In the first step, objective data such as heart rate, muscle activity, body composition and movement execution as well as the classification of the subjective feeling are measured and analysed, before being evaluated and displayed in the APP in real time. The data forms the basis for training programs that correspond to the body's current daily performance level and readiness.

Measurement data:

  • Comprehensive body analysis: 24 measuring points distributed over all important muscle groups
  • Body Composition (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)
  • Muscle activity (electromyography)
  • Motion analysis by means of acceleration sensors
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability

02 train

Bioelectric whole-body stimulation

In the second step, the all-in-one wearable stimulates all the important muscle areas via 24 electrodes in a finely dosed manner. The stimulation optimises the target direction desired by the athlete or his/her trainer/supervisor. In this way, the efficiency of the training and the intensity of one's own body experience is perfected. Success becomes measurable and replicable.

  • Programme recommendation according to current training data and body analysis
  • Medically validated stimulation programmes
  • Low and modulated medium frequency
  • 24 dry electrodes
  • Personal support by therapist or trainer
  • completely mobile application possibilities
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

03 transform

Motivation and targeted development

Through the subsequent documentation of results, training and the route to goal attainment can be navigated in a targeted way. This approach finds its application in rehabilitation, prevention and in training processes at all ages and levels of performance. As a certified medical device, SYMBIONT meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

The advantages for you:

  • Motivation through documented success
  • Continuous adaptation
  • Comparison of subjective perception and objective measured values (autosensitive training)
  • Improved understanding of physiological processes
SYMBIONT Smart Body Concept

CURDTI Software

The trend toward personal data-driven training reflects the need for maximally effective training. That's why SYMBIONT is a revolution that fully exploits the new potential of data-based training and combines it with bioelectric muscle stimulation to open up a new dimension of personalised training.


CURDTI Studio-Software

ZA-Promo pay only 60 months


Up to 4 training users can be guided simultaneously


Unlimited number of SYMBIONT Smart Body Device users available


Unlimited number of individual trainings


Maximum 1x SYMBIONT Studio Basic Set can be ordered

(min. term 60 months)

ZAR 6750,00 excl. VAT/month

ONE TIME PAYMENT (on account):

ZAR 0.- not available

SYMBIONT Studio Basic Set II


2x SYMBIONT Smart Body Device
4x SYMBIONT Power Pack
2x SYMBIONT Charger
2x Samsung Tablet
150x QR-Code Cards
15x SYMBIONT Tec Suit incl. Laundry bag (size 0-8)
10x SYMBIONT Abdominal Belt (XS, S, M, L, XL)
12x SYMBIONT Tec Suit II Relining Set (7x Set 1, 3x Set 2, 2x Set 3)
8x SYMBIONT Skin Care

Maximum one SYMBIONT Studio Basic Set per CURDTI Studio-Software.

(min. term 6 months)

ZAR 3060,00 excl. VAT/month