SYMBIONT Tec Suit sizes

Nowhere is the term "functional clothing" as apt and the fit as important as when used in bioelectric training units. The SYMBIONT Tec Suit has to fit like a second skin. To do this, we use suit sizes that are selected and matched to the different body types and genders.

Would you like to learn more about your body type? We'll tell you which of the five common types you tend towards:

Body type X

The shoulders and hips are about the same width. The centre of gravity is halfway between the chest and hip areas. The waist is very narrow and strongly curved. The whole chest area and upper arms are ample and robust. Bottom, stomach and thighs are strong and round.

Body type V

The upper body is stronger than the lower body and the body's centre of gravity is positioned in the shoulder and chest area. The shoulders are broader than the hips. The shoulders are angular and essentially vertical without sloping down gently. The waist is almost straight or only slightly curved. Large breasts or large chest circumference or both.

Body type O

The centre of gravity is in the middle, around the chest, stomach, waist and hips. Fat deposits are present mainly around the waist, stomach and hip areas. The narrowest part of the upper body is not around the waist, but a little higher up, directly below the breasts in the lower bust area. The forearms and wrists are relatively delicate.

Body type A

The upper body is much more delicately built than the lower body, where the body's centre of gravity lies. The shoulders are narrower than the hips. The waist is narrow and very pronounced. The buttock area is rather wide and ample. The legs — upper thighs, knees, lower thighs and ankles — are muscular. The legs are rather short.

Body type H

The shoulders and hips are about the same width. The waist is relatively straight and not curved, or only gently so. The arms and legs are rather long and straight shaped. The overall body creates a sporty/androgynous impression and does not have a specific centre of gravity.

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