Smart Training System

Maximum flexibility. Maximum efficiency.

From health to strength training, yoga, physiotherapy, competitive sports or personal training – the SYMBIONT is a reliable companion, no matter how it is used. The unique combination of electrotherapy and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), real time measurements, analysis and coaching with the EMS device, EMS suit and app, supports users in every aspect of their training – both indoors and out.

The SYMBIONT is used by therapists, studios and fitness coaches to improve health and fitness through targeted EMS training units. Introduce your customers to a new kind of EMS training!


Track. Real time analysis of fitness and body functions

Added value through knowledge: Recording physical data in real time allows the SYMBIONT to deliver professional EMS training. The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device continuously analyzes and evaluates all data received from the SYMBIONT Tec Suit. This allows the user to precisely assess their performance after each training unit, drawing valuable conclusions for training optimization.

Available data from the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device:

  • Body composition measurement (percentage of water, muscle and fat in the body)
  • Muscle activity
  • Movements via acceleration sensors
  • Heart frequency
  • Heart rate variability
  • Comparative values from available training data

Train. Effective EMS training with high-tech bio-sensors

Success is measurable: Cutting edge dry electrodes are integrated into the SYMBIONT Tec Suit. The EMS device then uses these to track your workout, delivering comfortable and targeted stimulation to selected muscles. Highly effective low or medium-frequency stimulation current is used for EMS, activating the desired muscles with optimal intensity to improve performance.

Advantage of training with the SYMBIONT:

  • Additional stimulation via EMS
  • Patented dry electrodes
  • Medically validated stimulation programs
  • Custom stimulation programs
  • Low and medium frequency stimulation
  • Efficient training
  • Evaluation of recorded physical and training data
  • Approved medical device

Transform. Ongoing optimization of training based on reliable data

Progress is a process: The fitness program can be continuously optimized through targeted muscle stimulation, based on data delivered by the combination of the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device, including the EMS device and SYMBIONT Tec Suit as an EMS suit; the workout can then be adjusted to the patient’s individual goals. The app provides an overview of physical data relevant for the workout. The result: Effective and successful EMS training.

Now, benefit from:

  • Continuous adjustment to training progress
  • Optimal dosing of stimulation via EMS
  • Real time analysis of data relevant for training
  • Compare subjective experience of training with objective measured values
  • Experience motivating success

Possibilities far beyond traditional EMS training

Feel the power of progress: The SYMBIONT delivers a whole new kind of EMS training that goes beyond muscle stimulation with electrical pulses. The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device combines the most important features of health and training science, creating all new ways to achieve a healthier and more energetic body. High-tech meets first-class comfort and user-friendly design.

  • Connecting

    The SYMBIONT Tec Suit is manufactured using specially developed, high-tech antibacterial fibers and materials. It guarantees an optimal fit, excellent freedom of movement, and long-lasting quality.

  • Hygienic

    The SYMBIONT Tec Suit feels as comfortable as a second skin, and can be worn directly against the body. Of course, however, it can also be used wearing specialized underwear.

  • Functional and stylish

    The substantial light architecture underscores the futuristic, high-tech look of the SYMBIONT. Its unique shape and low weight make it the perfect mobile training partner.

  • Comfortable

    Fully integrated bio-sensors and dry electrodes ensure maximum comfort, and deliver all-around fitness and well-being.

  • Versatile

    The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device measures a large number of physical functions – from muscular activity (EMG) to heart rate variability (HRV) to pulse and body composition.

  • Playful

    Control at your fingertips: The CURDTI app supports the user during training units, and stands out for a unique level of operating comfort.

  • Safe

    The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device is securely fixed to the upper back, and offers a wide range of applications with optimal freedom of movement and performance.

SYMBIONT Smart Training Device

Innovative EMS device as a muscle stimulator & fitness tracker

Discover the world’s first “Smart Body Device,” a quantum leap in the development of EMS training. The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device is a medical device that, for the first time, combines low and medium voltage EMS with on-body data recording and fitness tracking in a single muscle stimulator – all in real time.

This allows bio-physiological data to be recorded by the training device even while the user is engaged in an activity. At the same time, the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device is an EMS device that activates certain parts of the body via electrical impulses, to ensure more intensive muscle activity. During SYMBIONT EMS training, electrical pulses are transmitted by the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device to the specific muscle groups via the electrodes in the SYMBIONT Tec Suit.

The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device measures a wide range of customized data during each training unit, via the bio-sensors built into the SYMBIONT Tec Suit. This information can be used to adapt regular health and muscle training to the specific needs of the body as well as personal goals. In this way, the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device helps users achieve results faster, as a new kind of EMS device with muscle stimulation and fitness tracking. Ongoing athletic progress is recorded by the bio-sensors in the SYMBIONT Tec Suit, then analyzed by the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device. They can then be accessed at any time.

Experience training that motivates and stimulates – with the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device!



See how attractive high-tech can be

The key element of EMS training with the SYMBIONT is the SYMBIONT Tec Suit.

Equipped with 24 patented dry electrodes and bio-sensors for every primary muscle group, and the option to deliver low and medium-frequency stimulation while measuring different physical parameters in parallel, the SYMBIONT Tec Suit sets all new standards.

Our innovative EMS device blends perfectly into the SYMBIONT Tec Suit, and can be connected easily and securely to the SYMBIONT Tec Suit using the SYMBIONT Connector.

In addition, key parameters can be regulated directly on the SYMBIONT Connector during training. An outstanding foundation for custom-tailored success with every training unit!


Produktbild des Tec Suit, dem High-Tech EMS Anzug von SYMBIONT.
App & Connect

Connectivity to trainers, therapists, doctors and the community

The SYMBIONT as a high-tech interface also offers secure data connectivity in the personal health network if required. "An aspect" that is of particular interest in health programs and rehabilitation training. Trainers and patients have the opportunity to pass on the results, progress and data generated, in whole or in part, in any form. Links to doctors, therapists and trainers are available at the push of a button if required. Results can also be shared in the social community. An absolutely fascinating feature.

Performance log book & digital training planner

Our CURDTI app supports users on an exciting sports, health and performance journey, recording personal successes and development processes in fitness and EMS training at all times. The results of training units and therapeutic progress documented by the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device can easily be shared with family, friends or the SYMBIONT community worldwide, at the touch of a button.


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