SYMBIONT Smart Body Device

Innovative EMS device as a muscle stimulator & fitness tracker

Discover the world’s first “Smart Body Device,” a quantum leap in the development of EMS training. The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device is a medical device that, for the first time, combines low and medium voltage EMS with on-body data recording and fitness tracking in a single muscle stimulator – all in real time.

This allows bio-physiological data to be recorded by the training device even while the user is engaged in an activity. At the same time, the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device is an EMS device that activates certain parts of the body via electrical impulses, to ensure more intensive muscle activity. During SYMBIONT EMS training, electrical pulses are transmitted by the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device to the specific muscle groups via the electrodes in the SYMBIONT Tec Suit.

The SYMBIONT Smart Body Device measures a wide range of customized data during each training unit, via the bio-sensors built into the SYMBIONT Tec Suit. This information can be used to adapt regular health and muscle training to the specific needs of the body as well as personal goals. In this way, the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device helps users achieve results faster, as a new kind of EMS device with muscle stimulation and fitness tracking. Ongoing athletic progress is recorded by the bio-sensors in the SYMBIONT Tec Suit, then analyzed by the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device. They can then be accessed at any time.

Experience training that motivates and stimulates – with the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device!



See how attractive high-tech can be

The key element of EMS training with the SYMBIONT is the SYMBIONT Tec Suit.

Equipped with 24 patented dry electrodes and bio-sensors for every primary muscle group, and the option to deliver low and medium-frequency stimulation while measuring different physical parameters in parallel, the SYMBIONT Tec Suit sets all new standards.

Our innovative EMS device blends perfectly into the SYMBIONT Tec Suit, and can be connected easily and securely to the SYMBIONT Tec Suit using the SYMBIONT Connector.

In addition, key parameters can be regulated directly on the SYMBIONT Connector during training. An outstanding foundation for custom-tailored success with every training unit!


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