Training with the SYMBIONT

Experience the appeal of visible success

The SYMBIONT stands for the entire range of physical activity. From power-packed HIIT to condition training, moderate yoga or regenerative relaxation – the SYMBIONT is the best companion for any application, with practical, continuously adjustable intensity levels.


Real power, not short of breath

Achieve training success faster with the SYMBIONT – with visible and measurable results. Data analysis and a targeted training strategy derived from that analysis allows you to work on the goals you have set with better focus. Measured functions like muscle activity (EMG) and heart frequency deliver an objective, comparable visualization of progress.

More power

The SYMBIONT improves physical performance with targeted training for maximum power, rapid strength and endurance; it is also ideal for anaerobic training.


Better coordination

Thanks to the freedom of movement offered by the SYMBIONT Smart Body Device, users have unlimited options for sport-specific training. This helps improve intra- and intermuscular coordination and train the body on targeted movement patterns, thereby improving performance capacity.


Stable core muscles are key to training success. SYMBIONT offers outstanding ways to efficiently train movements for improving everyday performance and for any athletic discipline.


Transcend your limits with EMS

EMS training works like intensive strength training, without stressing the joints via added weight. It strengthens musculature while improving strength, through the added, controlled stimulation allowing users to quickly achieve new levels of performance.



Endurance, not recovery time

Jogging, hiking, cycling, rowing and other aerobic activities – the SYMBIONT is the perfect companion for endurance training of any kind, when you are focused on getting the most out of every training session. Whether you are a professional, an ambitious amateur or simply working out to improve your health: Everyone can benefit from the added value of data-based training.


The SYMBIONT supports anaerobic activities, and improves maximum oxygen absorption (VO2max). This improves blood supply to the muscles and other tissues optimally.


Protective training with EMS

EMS training delivers added activation to the musculature, stabilizing joints and protecting the body against excess strain for the long-term.


What does your performance curve look like? How has your condition improved? The SYMBIONT is customized for cyclical endurance movements from low to high intensity, and delivers precise information on your progress.


Strengthening the immune system

Since training with the SYMBIONT is customized, it challenges the body without over-straining it. This creates the best possible conditions to enjoy all the positive effects of cardio training: Stress management, strengthening the circulatory and immune systems, and reducing risk factors like obesity, high blood pressure, blood sugar levels or cholesterol.



Vitality instead of boredom

Health is our most valuable asset. That’s why we have made it our priority. Through smart training – with optional EMS support – the SYMBIONT delivers optimal stimulation to the cardiovascular system and metabolic process, mobilizing muscles, joints and the back. For a life full of energy and joy, power and endurance.

Stimulation and

The SYMBIONT stimulates the metabolism and has a positive influence on hormone levels. In addition, it promotes good circulation and can even help improve the skin's appearance.


Strengthen deep muscle tissues

There are muscles that are hard to reach with conventional training approaches. The SYMBIONT stimulates even deep muscle tissues, and is suitable for pelvic floor training, for instance following pregnancy or due to incontinence. In addition, it detects muscular imbalances and can compensate for them in a targeted way.

All-around well-being

The SYMBIONT is a customized companion, not only for high-performance athletics, but also for improving general well-being and for rehabilitation. Muscle tissues are activated without placing additional load on joints, making the device an excellent choice for persons with restricted mobility.


More mobility

The SYMBIONT can be used for targeted improvement of mobility. It helps detect blockages and weak points, supporting stretching programs and yoga, for instance.



Relaxation instead of exhaustion

Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete – everyone needs resting phases and recovery time. The effectiveness of the SYMBIONT with EMS is just as relaxing as a professional massage. Relaxation, gentle stimulation and an optimal oxygen supply deliver energy and help keep connective tissues tight.


The SYMBIONT stimulates the wearer's musculature and circulation. It not only feels great to wear, it also helps break down metabolic products more quickly.


Relaxation, from head to foot

With gentle stimulation, the SYMBIONT delivers deep relaxation to muscles – after an intensive training unit, or simply as a way to do something good for your body.

Less stress

Our lives have become more fast-paced and more hectic, while the time we have seems to grow shorter. The SYMBIONT delivers full-body recovery and well-being after a stressful day.


New energy

The SYMBIONT uses gentle electrical pulses to regenerate and activate the entire body, for a new, fresh feeling. The SYMBIONT gives the wearer more energy.

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